Raven: The Praying Bird

Raven: The Praying Bird cover

Raven: The Praying Bird is an paranormal detective story set in the 1980s on the Russian River in Northern California. Psychic detective and astrologer Ellen Raven becomes dangerously enmeshed in a family with dark secrets, and experiences frightening paranormal events when she tries to discover the whereabouts of an impulsive paralyzed man who has been kidnapped. Following astrological and psychic clues, her pursuit of the missing man leads her around Northern California, as far north as Mt. Shasta, and pits her against an evil adversary with strong psychic powers.

What others say about Raven: The Praying Bird

“A mix of Poe and Dashiell Hammett, of American gothic and apocalypticism, of political cynicism and dark humor, the Raven will appeal to the thinking person who hungers for the exquisite brew of a shocker that awakens the sleeping mind and a darn good yarn that thoroughly entertains. Raven: The Praying Bird is a page-turner, a story of mystery and suspense, of dark machinations and the eternal conflict between good and evil, not recommended to lull you into a good night’s sleep, but certainly recommended for insomniacs. Astrologer and Detective Raven is more akin by far to Sherlock Holmes than to Miss Marple, and at the same time perfectly mirrors the conflicts of the ’70’s and 80’s. A detective story whose main protagonist is the detective herself, a superbly well-drawn character who will be analyzed long after the race to the climatic crescendo.” — Cristina Olsen, Ph.D., Writer and Life Coach

Raven: The Praying Bird is a well written, witty and fascinating account of the evil that happened to an average family in the mid-eighties but may happen to all of us. A real page turner, this book combines a great plot with excellent insight into the political and cultural circumstances of the time. The main character, a paranormally gifted detective named Ellen Raven, uses her talents to uncover the macabre truth about her loved ones and the danger surrounding them. I can’t wait to read more adventures of this highly original and superbly funny private eye.” — Andre Douw,Composer

Raven: The Praying Bird is available in paperback
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