Jupiter in Virgo

August 11, 2015—September 2016
Jupiter in Virgo brings quite a change to society’s focus and our consciousness. From this last year’s focus of Jupiter in Leo self-absorption, the emphasis will be placed on the personal benefits of service to our communities. We can make headway on difficult to solve health issues. Paying close attention to details will be important. The self-absorption of a Donald Trump is coming to an end. People will be taking more photos of themselves being of service to others rather than mugging for Leo (me, me, me) oriented selfies. Companies will benefit from health oriented ads while schools will provide more training for doctors and other health professionals. There will be more do-it-yourself manuals and alternative health books published.
Virgos will benefit the most from Jupiter in its sign while Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will also expand.
Aries will benefit with health matters and from solving work related issues. Taurus will expand in relationships with children, creativity. Gemini will benefit with home matters and possibly buying a home. Cancer will enjoy being studious, relationships with neighbors, siblings. They will have more short distance traveling. Leo can improve their financial matters. Virgo will be less introverted, more expansive in the community and their health will improve. It’s time for Libra to spend more time with themselves and in the background. Creative projects and attending to spiritual matters are enjoyable. Scorpio can attract more friends and group associations while Sagittarius will benefit by getting more public exposure and career advancement. Capricorn may enjoy long trips and expanding their education while Aquarius benefits from partners or other people’s money and more sexual opportunities. Pisces will benefit from new partnerships.

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Psychic Vera Figures Out Donald Trump


In her weekly address, Psychic Vera claimed that Donald Trump’s  big mouth makes him a lonely isolate.  “Trump is a low level Gemini who says something, no matter how inane, cruel or ridiculous as soon as he thinks it. This is the trademark of the negative Gemini, who splits people apart instead of bringing them together, like higher side Geminis do. The ruler of his Gemini Sun, she went on to say, is Mercury in Cancer, in a discordant aspect to Neptune. There is effectively no barrier between his conscious and subconscious minds, and no ability to censure indecorous thoughts. Neptune also creates deception and he is under the illusion that he will set the United States right again, fashioned in his own chaotic image. “Donald Trump acts like he’s demented,” Vera said.

His Gemini Sun is in the 10th House of the public, which means he demands attention. This is reinforced by a Leo Rising Sign with Mars in Leo right on the Ascendant. Leo demands attention and can’t live without it, probably to compensate for feelings of inadequacy and feeling unloved. Most likely he longed for the tenderness of mother love with Venus (love) in Cancer (mother) but it’s in conjunction with Saturn(restriction) and he never got what he wanted.

Sometimes truth slips out like when he blasted George W. Bush for sending soldiers to war in Iraq, seeing them come back wounded and then charging them over 100,000 dollars for giving a speech at a charity function. Most of the time, however, the reverse is true. There is no truth in the statement that all Latinos are criminals and rapists and should be kept out of the country. He also more recently said that 9-11 wouldn’t have happened if he was president because he doesn’t like brown people.

“Donald Trump is the fool or court jester of the Republican Party,” Vera said. He should wear a jester’s cap with jingling bells to identify him as such. He is a channel for the thoughts of other Republican candidates who may actually agree with Trump secretly but dare not blurt it out.”

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Mike Huckabee–Another Politico with Repressed Sexuality

This week the media revealed that the co-author of Mike Huckabee’s  two books is being sued for sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl. Last week everyone was up in arms over the Duggar family’s cover-up of their son’s sexual abuse of his younger sisters. Huckabee attempted a lame excuse for the Duggar family sordid fiasco.  This politician has a sexual dark side and it comes out in his association with these two predators. Although his Sun sign is Virgo, which can appear puritanical, he has a massive conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Leo. Venus Mars is a strong sexual aspect and Pluto is obsessive, enjoying dark side sex. His Moon is also in Scorpio, along with Saturn, the repressor of sexual desire. This planetary configuration can mean that sexual repression leaks out by his associations with pedophiles or sexual abusers. Is Huckabee a secret pedophile?  My gut feeling says probably not but why did he raise a son that tortured and killed a dog?

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Sun in Gemini May 21 to June 21

Geminis can be intellectual wizards.  If you’re a Gemini you probably know a lot of things about a lot of things.  Much of a Gemini’s knowledge may be superficial and tangential but their communication skills are excellent, unless they have foot in mouth disease.  We’ve all met those.  A low-level Gemini may never stop talking and they have no interest or time in sharing their word space with anyone else.  Geminis like to say what they think.  The problem is, that can change in 10 seconds and while a Gemini has moved on, everyone else is left with their cutting words and inappropriate witticisms.  Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich are Geminis.  Low-level Geminis get bored easily and jump from project to project, subject to subject.  They’re jack-of-all-trades, master of none.  And they can be very indecisive. Gemini is known as the sign of the Twins because two distinct personalities play a role in a Gemini’s psyche.  There’s the charming and witty conversationalist and the insensitive gad-about.


High level Geminis, on the other hand, bring harmony to relationships where ever they go.  Alan Oken in Soul Centered Astrology says, “The Gemini individual is being used as a conscious vehicle for creating harmonious linkages in the world.”  He goes on to say that a high level Gemini “aligns and blends various conflicting political and social forces; acts as an agent for harmony in group interrelations, becomes a diplomat for peace, and inventing technological advances for the benefit of humanity.”  I wonder if Donald Trump or Newt Gingrich will ever rise to the level of Bill Moyers or my daughter, both high level Geminis. Probably not.


During the month of Gemini our focus is on communications, written and verbal. We have a variety of interests that can take us far afield from our original focus. We can also make headway on our research.


If you’re an Aries the Gemini month is a time for beefing up your communication skills, talking, writing, getting in touch with siblings, making short distance trips.  If you’re a Taurus, this month is spent working on your finances.  Maybe you’ll develop two incomes.  For you, Gemini, this is your month for self-expression and paying attention to your appearance, while it’s Cancer’s time of the year for withdrawal, meditation, and dream work, getting in touch with their vulnerabilities.  Leos likes to yak it up with friends and get involved with group associations while it’s Virgo’s time to shine and get some public recognition while concentrating on their careers.  Libra may like to travel during the Gemini month, have relationships with foreigners, and publicly express their thoughts.  If you’re a Scorpio, this is the month for dealing with issues surrounding death, sex and other people’s resources.  More focus on relationships for SagittariansCapricorns are spending more time communicating about health and work related issues.  Aquarians are having fun during this time of year and spending more energy on their loved ones, creativity, and children.  Pisces have home and family as their focus.

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Communication snafus

May 18th to June 11th.

Mercury starts retrograding on May 18th.. We should put off starting any new projects until after June 11th when Mercury is no longer retrograde. It’s a good time, though, to reevaluate and work on old projects. We should also delay buying appliances or cars because even new items may be lemons and break down. Be prepared for cancelled appointments, mail that goes missing, wrong information, and people saying things they don’t mean. It’s not a good idea to sign contracts. We should be aware that words can hurt and learn how to control ourselves. If you travel during this time, make sure your vehicle is in good condition and be willing to adapt to new contingencies along the way.


Mercury in Gemini gives us a communication double whammy. There are more problems with driving and cars, neighbors and sibling,. with computers and electronic equipment.


Aries needs to guard their tongue with siblings and neighbors and be careful in traffic while Taurus can get wrong information about their finances. Mistakes can be made with paychecks, banks, stock payments. Gemini may have some difficulty in presenting themselves. Cancer could have miscommunication coming through dreams and the subconscious. Leo could have trouble with miscommunications with friends and difficulty getting his or her point across in groups. Virgo could have communication problems with bosses and authority figures. If going on a long trip, Libra could have difficulties with airlines and schedules, missing appointments, or having difficulties with school admissions, while Scorpio could have problems with debts, joint finances, and miscommunication about sexual issues. Sagittarius should guard against communication difficulties with partners. Capricorn may have trouble at work and with co-workers and misinformation regarding health issues. Aquarius could have trouble talking with children or loved ones while Pisces could have communication mishaps in the home and with family members.





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Sun in Pisces

Feb 18—Mar 20


Sensitive to everything and everyone but having difficulty differentiating their own feelings from other peoples, Pisces people don’t discriminate and like chameleons, they can absorb personalities, feelings, values, and ideas.  Many are overwhelmed by their feelings and try to blot them out through the use of drugs or alcohol. This makes things worse because their bodies are as sensitive as their minds and intoxicants are poisonous to their systems.  As the last sign of the zodiac lower level Pisceans often have the feeling that they’ve been there, done that and they can’t find anything that engages them.  They are world-weary and can become cynical, thinking nothing is worth the time and effort to make a difference.


Higher-level Pisces are sensitive and compassionate but have learned to channel their overwhelming feelings into helping others. They are self-sacrificing and creative.  They have the rare gift of being more interested in others than they are in themselves.  In this egocentric and selfish society, it is such a relief to know a high level Pisces.


When the Sun is in Pisces it’s time for letting go of things, people, situations, the past to get ready for the astrological New Year which is Spring, when the Sun goes into Aries next month.  Letting go, while necessary, is often not pleasant and that’s one reason Pisces can be a sorrowful sign.  Pisces always seems to be dealing with loss.  Besides letting go of the old to usher in the new, this is a month for creative projects, particularly music, and taking nature walks.  It’s a good month for compassion, as long as we don’t wear other people’s misery like a cloak.


If you’re an Aries you’ll be doing more inner work this month, getting ready for your entrance upon the scene at the Spring Equinox.  While you like to be direct and a go-getter, you subconscious has another idea and plans to initiate now get sabotaged while you might feel spacey and disorganized.  Taurus spends more time with friends and working in groups, humanitarian concerns take up more time and energy.  Gemini finds that career possibilities float to the surface and there’s a longing for more creative outlets in their profession.  Cancer may like to travel during this month or focus on higher education or their spiritual path.

Leo finds that sexual issues and concerns regarding joint resources are more important while Virgo is focused this month on relationships, coming to the realization for the umpteenth time that they’re often attracted to underdogs.

Libra will find that it’s more focused on work and fellow employees.  Health issues may surface or more time is spent on improving their health.  Scorpio will enjoy more time with children and lovers, creativity will be satisfying.  Sagittarius will be focused on the home and family while Capricorn will be taking more short distance trips and consorting with siblings.  Creativity expressed through writing is also an option.  This is the month for Aquarius to spend time on their finances, which are often confusing.  Is a budget possible?

For Pisces, this is the month to come forward and be more direct, to be seen and recognized for the kind and creative soul that you are.


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Jupiter in Leo

July 16 2014—August 12 2015

Jupiter travels into Leo July 16 and remains until August 12, 2015. Leos will benefit the most, followed by Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. With Jupiter in Leo, there will be more benefits from children and child-centered activities. People will pursue activities that glorify the self. Some of that is already happening as symbolized by selfies and focusing on the self on Facebook. Gambling, sports and hobbies and creative projects will be popular.

Aries will benefit from and will enjoy their artistic creations, children, and hobbies while Jupiter is in their Fifth House. Taurus will benefit from their home and any properties they may own. Homes can be expanded through renovation or Taurus may move to a bigger house. Gemini may enjoy connections with neighbors and siblings. There will be more short distance traveling. Communications will be important.  Cancer will benefit financially with Jupiter traveling through their Second House of money and financial management. Leo will be more outgoing and will expand their connections and operations. Watch out, however, for an expanding waistline as well. With Jupiter moving through Virgo’s 12th House, it’s time for the Virgin to spend more time at home and less out in the world. Spiritual pursuits during this time will be beneficial. There will be protection from Higher Powers behind the scenes.

With Jupiter traveling through Libra’s 11th house of friends and groups, this is the year to expand friendships and group associations. Scorpio’s career improves with Jupiter traveling through their 10th house. Changing or moving up in a career are good possibilities. Sagittarius may be doing a lot of traveling, publically expressing their thoughts, or securing a higher education with Jupiter moving through their 9th House. Capricorn will benefit through partner’s resources. Sex will improve. There may be an inheritance with Jupiter in their 8th House. Aquarius will benefit through partners and relationships will improve with Jupiter traveling through their Seventh House. Pisces will find that their working environment and health improves with Jupiter traveling through their 6th House.

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Psychic Vera: Newly Designated Boehner Whisperer


Psychic Vera announced in her weekly address to students that she had been designated the new Boehner whisperer.

“The old psychic who filled that role has died and I have been designated the new one. I will be intuiting Speaker of the House Boehner’s character and motivations, information that I’ve gleaned from my nightly sojourns on the astral plane.”

Some students will remember Vera’s expedience with another political loser, Kenneth Starr, as she wrote about it in the article, “Kenneth Starr Grabbed my Breast on the Astral Plane.”

As Vera went on to describe Boehner’s character by analyzing his astrological chart, she misprounced his name on various occasions. Although his name is pronounced “Baner”, she said, “Boner”, which was, apparently, a childhood misnomer that was always an embarrassment to a man who grew up with very little love in his early childhood environment. (Wikipedia says he grew up in modest circumstances, sharing 1 bedroom with 11 siblings in a two bedroom house).

“Boner is a sad case,” Vera said. “He has Venus, the planet of love in cold Capricorn, afflicted by the illusionary Neptune, which means he’s looking for a love that doesn’t exist and he’s constantly disappointed. Of course, on a spiritual level, he is loved, as we all are, so says Jesus Christ. It’s on the human level where he feels let down and so he has shut down himself as well as the government. He tries to make up for his lack by misusing power and that’s the crux of his motivation in shutting down the government. With his Sun in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo, his power play with the president is the only thing he really enjoys. With his Mars (drive) conjunct Saturn (repression) in Virgo, he’s a frustrated perfectionist, having trouble asserting himself in Congress against the Tea Party idiots, as well as in the bedroom. “Boner is a bit of a bummer in that department”, Psychic Vera said. “He feels so inadequate about his manhood, he has become a bully, waiting for any opportunity to push the president around. He particularly feels threatened by a good looking intelligent black man, just as many crazy old white men do.” Crazy old white men, or COWM, is a designation first used by Psychic Chuck to describe the breakdown which occurs as white men start to age and lose their power in society.

Subconsciously, black men have always been a threat because they are thought to be more virile than white men. “And that’s the reason white men, particularly in the South, were always frightened that their white women would prefer black men and why the punishment was so severe for a black man that got involved with a white woman,” Vera said.

With his Mars (Manhood) conjunct Saturn(repression) in Virgo square Chiron (wound that does not heal) in Sagittarius (religion),he’s probably sexually repressed because of his early experience of Catholicism.
As well as being a bane to the country, he is also becoming a bane to his own party, which has the lowest ratings in 20 years for its obsession with our black president and its desire to thwart all of his progressive programs.“

When Saturn, the grim reaper, rolls in to plague his Sun sign around the time of the November 2014 election, he will hopefully lose his seat in Congress.” Vera concluded.

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