Pisces February 18 to March 20

Sensitive to everything and everyone but having difficulty differentiating their own feelings from other peoples, Pisces individuals don’t discriminate and like chameleons, they can absorb personalities, feelings, values, and ideas.  Many are overwhelmed by their feelings and try to blot them out through the use of drugs or alcohol. This makes things worse because their bodies are as sensitive as their minds and intoxicants are poisonous to their systems.  As the last sign of the zodiac lower level Pisceans often have the feeling that they’ve been there, done that and they can’t find anything that engages them.  They are world-weary and can become cynical, thinking nothing is worth the time and effort to make a difference.


Higher-level Pisces are sensitive and compassionate but have learned to channel their overwhelming feelings into helping others. They are self-sacrificing and creative.  They have the rare gift of being more interested in others than they are in themselves.  In this egocentric and selfish society, it is such a relief to know a high level Pisces.


When the Sun is in Pisces it’s time for letting go of things, people, situations, the past to get ready for the astrological New Year which is Spring, when the Sun goes into Aries next month.  Letting go, while necessary, is often not pleasant and that’s one reason Pisces can be a sorrowful sign.  Pisces always seems to be dealing with loss.  Besides letting go of the old to usher in the new, this is a month for creative projects, particularly music, and taking nature walks.  It’s a good month for compassion, as long as we don’t wear other people’s misery like a cloak.


If you’re an Aries you’ll be doing more inner work this month, getting ready for your entrance upon the scene at the Spring Equinox.  While you like to be direct and a go-getter, you subconscious has another idea and plans to initiate now get sabotaged while you might feel spacey and disorganized.  Taurus spends more time with friends and working in groups, humanitarian concerns take up more time and energy.  Gemini finds that career possibilities float to the surface and there’s a longing for more creative outlets in their profession.  Cancer may like to travel during this month or focus on higher education or their spiritual path.

Leo finds that sexual issues and concerns regarding joint resources are more important while Virgo is focused this month on relationships, coming to the realization for the umpteenth time that they’re often attracted to underdogs.

Libra will find that it’s more focused on work and fellow employees.  Health issues may surface or more time is spent on improving their health.  Scorpio will enjoy more time with children and lovers, creativity will be satisfying.  Sagittarius will be focused on the home and family while Capricorn will be taking more short distance trips and consorting with siblings.  Creativity expressed through writing is also an option.  This is the month for Aquarius to spend time on their finances, which are often confusing.  Is a budget possible?

For Pisces, this is the month to come forward and be more direct, to be seen and recognized for the kind and creative soul that you are.


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Ted Cruz–a Demagogic Icicle

It’s not a good idea to elect a man for president who has a discordant Sun/Pluto aspect because it means he’s a demagogue. In Ted’s case, the Sun, which represents his ego, is in Capricorn, a highly controlling sign, and a negative Pluto aspect brings in the dark side even stronger.

Ted has 3 Scorpio planets, which can be regenerative or quite nasty. Combined with Capricorn disfigured by Pluto, more than likely nasty and vengeful, in his case. His Venus Mars conjunction in Scorpio is maligned by Saturn in Taurus. Ted has a hard time feeling love anywhere in his life. His dad is represented by Saturn in Taurus, and Ted’s Sun in Capricorn. Sun/Pluto describes control issues with Dad. Saturn in Taurus opposing Venus and Mars says greedy and cold-hearted dad frustrated Ted and withdrew any love or affection to punish Ted for any youthful transgressions. Actually I doubt if Ted’s father had any real affection or love to give. Particularly since Chiron in Aries is in T-square with Sun and Pluto in Ted’s chart. A t square is when two planets are in Opposition—Chiron in Aries and Pluto in this case, and they are square a third—Sun in Capricorn. With Chiron in Aries, he’s got an open wound (Chiron) in relationship to his identity (Aries).

I think Ted has identified with the aggressor—his father, and as a result, the presidential candidate on the inside is an icicle, a demagogic icicle.

This cold control freak shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House and the presidency.





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Aquarius January 20 to February 18

This is the month for friendship, humanitarian concerns, working with groups to save the planet. It’s not really the month for romantic love even though Valentine’s Day occurs while the Sun is still in this sign. Romantic love is Pisces purview. Do people really feel romantic on February 14th or do they just think they do? Aquarians often have trouble with relationships because they feel more comfortable being detached than personal. If you try to get too personal with an Aquarius, they’ll feel uncomfortable and withdraw. On a higher level, they are meant to use their energies for humanitarian concerns rather than just one to one relationships. Rather than focusing their energies on helping humanity, lower level Aquarians can become isolates and end up misanthropic, particularly in their old age.


Besides focusing our energies on groups and humanitarian concerns this month, Aquarius is also the sign of technology, inventions, and cosmic consciousness. Aquarians always seem to know things that the rest of us don’t. It’s a great sign for cosmic intuition and we should try this month to tune in ourselves. All of us need insight into our planet’s future. Aquarians are stubborn and are resistant to changing their minds, even though they can be erratic and abrupt. They like to express their individuality and they don’t like to be tied down by too many rules and regulations.


While the Sun is in Aquarius, Aries likes to focus its energies on humanitarian concerns and groups. Friends get the nod as well. Taurus should spend this month focused on career issues and getting more recognition for their efforts. It’s interesting that such a materialistic sign is involved with humanitarian concerns in their career sector. Gemini is interested in traveling and higher education during this time, expressing their thoughts in a public way, while Cancer is most concerned with sexual issues, joint resources, and questions about death. It’s time for Leo to focus on relationship issues. While Leo can be so personal and upfront, in relationships they enjoy being more emotionally detached. Virgo will focus on health and work-related issues while Libra will be expending more energy with children, love affairs, and creative projects. Scorpio will focus on the family and home during the Aquarius month. Sagittarius will find itself studying, expanding its knowledge, relating more to neighbors and siblings. It’s the month for Capricorn to be most concerned with its finances while it’s time for Aquarius to take center stage and be more self-expressive. It’s a more reclusive time for Pisces. Spending more time alone and hibernating will help recharge the batteries for the rest of the year.


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Capricorn December 21–January 20


December 21—January 20


All Capricorns like to be in control and those on the lover level will become dictatorial to maintain it, rationalizing that they know what is best for the group. 

 Capricorn is a community sign and they are interested in what works for a community on the materialistic level. Capricorns are pragmatic and dislike being emotional (because emotions make them feel out of control), although they will sometimes tolerate feelings in others.  Capricorns like organization and they’re ambitious.  They feel guilty if they don’t take responsibility.  Few Capricorns feel comfortable just leading a couch potato life and feel that they must accomplish something important. 

 According to Alan Oken in his book, Soul Centered Astrology, lower level Capricorns, however, have a “total attachment to the physical plane”.  “Life seems like a constant uphill battle and it is.”  These low life Capricorns, like Richard Nixon and Joseph Stalin are motivated by fear.  Oken goes on to say that self-seeking creates further karmic debts, “until the bricks turn into boulders and the Capricorn collapses under the weight.”  Once the ego is torn, a glimmer of light can penetrate the hard packed earth and a ray of light awakens the unconscious heart.  A higher level Capricorn begins to see the spiritual value within the forms of life.  Whereas before Capricorn was just concerned with money and status, now she or he is interested in taking on responsibility so they can help others.  On the highest level Capricorn is able to manifest the Light of the Spirit into the Material World and become the representative on a community level for it.

 January is the best month for getting ourselves organized for the rest of the year.  Starting our exercise programs, dumping possessions that we no longer need, organizing our homes, beginning to actualize our ambitions and learning how to detach ourselves ultimately from a fixation on a material level so we can bring light into our communities are all worthwhile goals.

 With the month of Capricorn, Aries will be focused on its career and relationship to authority while Taurus will be more interested in religion and spiritual perspectives (as long as their pragmatic).  Taurus will also be interested in foreign travel and higher learning.  Gemini will be focused on sex, other people’s resources and feelings, and their attitudes towards death.  Cancer will focus on relationships while Leo will be focused on health and its working environment. Virgo will be enjoying hobbies, lovers, and children as well as creative projects. Libra will be focused in the home and with family members.  It’s a good time for them to do some house renovations.  Scorpio will be interested in siblings, neighbors and do more short distance traveling. For Sagittarius, money and the state of their finances will be important, while Capricorn will be more visible this month, being active and asserting themselves.  Aquarius will be in retreat, trying to gather their energies for their astrological year which begins next month while Pisces is interested in being practical about displaying its compassion and working on a community level.



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Sagittarius November 22–December 21

Sagittarians are outgoing and friendly people, full of enthusiasm about almost every one and every thing. They are particularly interested in religion and foreign cultures. They are philosophical, willing to view the bright side of life, unless he or she is an introverted native of that sign.  When a Sagittarius turns inward, the cynical side becomes more pronounced; the bumbling cynic can be the result, ala Woody Allen.

 A low level Sagittarian is impractical, goes to extremes, and is irresponsible and undisciplined.  They don’t want to be pinned down so they have a hard time maintaining relationships.  They are a law onto themselves. Alan Oken in Soul Centered Astrology says, “The urge to increase experience without having a structure or inner truth to guide such expansion leads one into a great diffusion of energy.”  Despite his beautiful voice, the rock singer, Jim Morrison, was a good example of a lower level Sagittarian, along with General George Custer, Brittany Spears.

 According to Oken, a higher level Sag begins to merge with the higher mind and through it, serves humanity.  This higher knowledge merges with Earthly experiences to become wisdom. He or She then becomes a visionary and a prophet.  Even higher side Sagittarians need to learn to control their blunt speech if they don’t want to offend everyone they come into contact with.  A good example of a higher level Sagittarian is Pope Francis, and the wonderful writer, Madeleine L’Engle,

 The month of Sagittarius is generally optimistic and upbeat despite the possible bad weather.  It’s a good time for travel, spending more time in the outdoors and working on educational goals.

 For Aries, Sagittarius is a good time for higher education and travel, associations with foreigners, approaching publishers and publicly expressing your thoughts.  For Taurus, sexual issues, use of other people’s resources and joint resources, working on taxes, contemplating death or getting an inheritance may all come up in late November and December.  Gemini is thinking about partnerships during this time, wondering if they have the ability to commit themselves to any one relationship.  For Cancer it’s time for work related and health issues to come into focus, while Leo likes to rock out and have fun with children in late November and December.  Virgo likes to spend time in the home during the month of Sagittarius and finds that family issues are more important.  Libras may find themselves traveling more and associating more with siblings and neighbors, while Scorpio finds that economic issues come to the surface and need to be dealt with.  This is the time for Sagittarius to shine, to put themselves forward, to be jolly and outgoing while for Capricorn, it’s time to withdraw and to celebrate the Christmas season in a more contemplative manner.  For Aquarius, it’s a good month for group associations, spending more time with friends, concerning themselves with humanitarian concerns.  Pisces will find themselves in the public more and working on their career.


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Sun in Scorpio October 23–November 22

It’s often a struggle being a Scorpio. The emotional energy is so intense for good or ill that it can be difficult to cope with. Sexual desire is a major issue for those of us who have Scorpio planets.  Much of life is spent learning how to use this biological drive and physical pleasure constructively.  Scorpio planets can make us feel vindictive when wronged, possessive when threatened, and enraged when thwarted.  That’s the lower level Scorpion who can sting itself and others with its destructive emotions.  Those of us with Scorpio planets will often attract situations that force us to let go of these damaging emotions.  Death and abandonment are issues that will often compel us to transform our personalities and put the light on the dark parts.

We’ve got to move on, however, and become the higher level Eagle that uses what it has learned about transforming the dark side to help others do the same. The task, however, even for the eagle, is to break free of the chains of desire.  The highest level Scorpion, according to Alan Oken in Soul Centered Astrology “bursts forth aflame with inner radiance and abundant healing and magnetic powers.  The unity of the lower and higher selves has been achieved.”  As the phoenix who rises from the ashes of the desires of the personality, the individual is the “embodiment of love winning out over adversity, harmony arising out of unavoidable conflict and the resurrection of the life force through a totally dedicated and Self-conscious human being.”

Scorpio is the time of year for facing the reality of death, for working on psychological and spiritual transformation, for looking into sexual issues, for dealing with joint finances as well as debts and other people’s resources.

The Sun being in Scorpio affects the 12 signs in the following ways:  If you’re an Aries, you are intensely affected by Scorpio because it means that your 8th house of sex and death is being highlighted.  This is the time to face sexual issues or matters of death, and joint resources.  For Taurus, this is the time to work on intense relationship issues as the Scorpio Sun moves through the Seventh House of Relationships. Dealing with possessiveness and jealousy may be a priority. Gemini will be facing intense work issues, particularly with co-workers or health matters will come into focus as the House of Work and Health are highlighted. Cancer will find that relationships with children and lovers are more important. Leo may have intense experiences with family members because Scorpio rules the House of home and family. For Virgo, Scorpio energy is highlighted with siblings, neighbors.  This is usually the time that Virgo likes to express this intense energy with research and writing since Scorpio rules its House of Communications. Libra spends more of its time with money matters and while it’s Scorpio’s turn for putting themselves forward, this may be hard for some Scorpios to do because they are secretive and like to keep a low profile.  Sagittarius has a tendency to withdraw and generally has to face the bogeyman this time of year because Scorpio rules the House of vulnerabilities and isolation. Capricorn is focusing on groups and friendships during this period, while it’s Aquarius’ time to put the focus on career issues. For Pisces this is the time of year for long distance traveling, focusing on higher education and the spiritual life, for publicly expressing your thoughts.

*If you know your rising sign, check out that sign described above as well as your Sun sign.


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Chris Harper-Mercer—Mass Murderer in Oregon

Chris Harper Mercer was a Leo* with Sun, Mercury, Mars and the South Node in the Sign. Chris wanted attention (Leo) and he finally got it by killing 9 students at Umpqua community college in Oregon and injuring 9 others. The South Node in Leo means that he shouldn’t take the path of self-aggrandizement in his life but, instead, should take the path of the North Node in Aquarius, which is community service. He failed miserably and instead got the attention he craved through violence (Mars) conjunct his South Node.

It seems that Chris’s massacre had a sexual undertone to it because transiting Venus in Leo(love=attention) was conjunct Mars(sex/anger) in Leo while transiting Mars in Virgo was conjunct natal Venus in Virgo.

Venus(love) in prim Virgo in his natal chart is square Saturn (repression), which means he felt unloved, probably by his mother because Chiron, which is a wound which never heals, is in Cancer the sign of the Mother.  Natal Pluto (the dark side) in Scorpio, the sign of death was in a positive aspect to Chiron, which gave Chris a way out of his mother complex. Transiting Pluto was making and opposition to Chiron and stimulating the death aspect.  Further, the Moon, which represents the Mother among other things, is in Taurus and is possibly square Mars (anger) and the South and North Nodes. The transiting Moon in Taurus was squaring transiting Venus, natal Mars, and South Node Conjunction. It’s a wonder that he didn’t kill his mother first.

Chiron in opposition to Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn means that there were problems with Dad and authority figures too. The opposition between the signs of Capricorn and Cancer (Chiron in Cancer) means that there was a split between his parents and this wasn’t easily healed. This left him very confused because transiting Pluto was stimulating the opposition of Neptune and Chiron.

His lack of compassion mentioned by victims or observers is indicated by his lack of personal planets in water signs. With the majority of planets in Earth Signs he really didn’t have any spiritual life; he was captured by the material plane, which was without hope or mercy.

The transiting Sun in Libra (relationships) was square his natal Saturn in Capricorn. A failure in relationships may have instigated this horrible deed. Bigotry left untreated by parents and teachers, failure to monitor gun purchases (he had 14) by parents and the government, and turning a blind eye to Chris’ mental problems led to this tragedy.

How many more of these analyses will be written before the Republican Congress decides to control gun purchases by maniacs.

* He was born in England but I couldn’t find the town so I used Roseburg, OR, where he committed his grievous assaults.



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Sun in Libra

September 23rd to October 23rd

Libra is the sign of the balance and its main thrust in life is to deal equitably in human relationships.  It is often considered wishy-washy because it has a hard time making decisions; it is always trying to balance two sides of any question.  Higher level Libras are the best diplomats and ombudsmen because they can always see another person’s perspective, trying to smooth over difficulties in relationships.  Lower level Libras still have a focus on relationships but they can’t seem to get along in one.  They are rarely diplomatic, often acting in a gauche manner.  My higher level Libra friends always seem to cooperate, to think of my needs as well as their own.  They are kind and supportive.  The Lower level Libras I’ve met are rude and are dense about relationships, so much lower in consciousness from the higher level natives.  Lower levels are struggling to make the transition from personal wants and needs to understanding and promoting right Human relations as Alan Oken puts it in his book, Soul Centered Astrology.  According to Oken, Libra’s keyword phrase is Let Choice be Made.  There is a tension in Libra he says of opposing forces needing harmony and balance.  This is the battle between the lower and the higher selves.  It is here that Libra is tested and right judgment and proper use of love are cultivated.

When the Sun is in Libra our focus should be relationships:  How to approach them from a balanced perspective.  How to be fair and equitable.  We can also spend time beautifying our surroundings.

Relationships and marriage will be a primary focus for Aries this month as the sign of the ram can be generally too self-centered and me first.  For Taurus the Libra month is a time to contemplate relationships in the working environment, as well as supporting justice and fairness for fellow employees. Health matters are best solved by seeking balance, with special attention paid to the kidneys. The Libra month is Gemini’s time to relax and have some fun, to pursue hobbies, enjoying time with loved ones and children.  Cancer will be exploring relationships with family members and beautifying their homes. Leo will realize that the give and take in conversation is more interesting than dominating it, and will be making more short distance trips with partners, focusing on relationships with siblings and neighbors.  Virgo will be spending the Libra month exploring their financial situation and coming to an equitable solution for money difficulties with partners.  For Libra this is their time for putting themselves forward, for hogging some of the limelight for themselves instead of always sharing it with someone else.  Scorpio’s hibernation time is during the month of Libra.  They feel more vulnerable, particularly with regards to their relationships and need this month to sort things out.  Sagittarius likes to meet up with friends and participate in groups in late September and into October while Capricorn will be paying more attention to career issues and relationships with authority figures.  Aquarians may be traveling or focusing on higher education while Pisces will be paying more attention to sexual issues in relationships, questions about death and joint resources.

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Saturn in Sagittarius

September 17, 2015 to December 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius may not be too difficult as Sign placements go but Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo will be learning more lessons then other signs.

In general, there will be lessons via religion and spiritual work. Some of our noses will be to the grindstone in college and other forms of higher education. Long distance travel may be more difficult. Bookstores, publishing houses may face more obstacles. More people may face legal proceedings. Churches may have to close due to lack of parishioners. I am concerned about the Pope who is a Sagittarius and may suffer setbacks for his strong stands on poverty, materialism and capitalism, and hypocrisy.

 Aries may experience a crisis in faith but end up with a straighter spiritual path. Taurus will face obstacles with joint finances, sexual issues. Gemini will learn about relationships. Cancer may have issues with work and their health. Leo may need to work harder in their relationships with children. Virgo has obstacles to face in their home, with family members. Libra needs to be careful in traffic and work on relationships with siblings. Scorpio could have money problems but will have a firmer foundation monetarily after Saturn is finished. Sagittarius should guard their health. Capricorn will be spending more time alone meditating. Aquarius will learn to be more responsible with friends and group associations. Pisces will have to deal with career issues by taking more responsibility.


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