Ted Cruz–a Demagogic Icicle

It’s not a good idea to elect a man for president who has a discordant Sun/Pluto aspect because it means he’s a demagogue. In Ted’s case, the Sun, which represents his ego, is in Capricorn, a highly controlling sign, and a negative Pluto aspect brings in the dark side even stronger.

Ted has 3 Scorpio planets, which can be regenerative or quite nasty. Combined with Capricorn disfigured by Pluto, more than likely nasty and vengeful, in his case. His Venus Mars conjunction in Scorpio is maligned by Saturn in Taurus. Ted has a hard time feeling love anywhere in his life. His dad is represented by Saturn in Taurus, and Ted’s Sun in Capricorn. Sun/Pluto describes control issues with Dad. Saturn in Taurus opposing Venus and Mars says greedy and cold-hearted dad frustrated Ted and withdrew any love or affection to punish Ted for any youthful transgressions. Actually I doubt if Ted’s father had any real affection or love to give. Particularly since Chiron in Aries is in T-square with Sun and Pluto in Ted’s chart. A t square is when two planets are in Opposition—Chiron in Aries and Pluto in this case, and they are square a third—Sun in Capricorn. With Chiron in Aries, he’s got an open wound (Chiron) in relationship to his identity (Aries).

I think Ted has identified with the aggressor—his father, and as a result, the presidential candidate on the inside is an icicle, a demagogic icicle.

This cold control freak shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House and the presidency.





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