Aquarius January 20 to February 18

This is the month for friendship, humanitarian concerns, working with groups to save the planet. It’s not really the month for romantic love even though Valentine’s Day occurs while the Sun is still in this sign. Romantic love is Pisces purview. Do people really feel romantic on February 14th or do they just think they do? Aquarians often have trouble with relationships because they feel more comfortable being detached than personal. If you try to get too personal with an Aquarius, they’ll feel uncomfortable and withdraw. On a higher level, they are meant to use their energies for humanitarian concerns rather than just one to one relationships. Rather than focusing their energies on helping humanity, lower level Aquarians can become isolates and end up misanthropic, particularly in their old age.


Besides focusing our energies on groups and humanitarian concerns this month, Aquarius is also the sign of technology, inventions, and cosmic consciousness. Aquarians always seem to know things that the rest of us don’t. It’s a great sign for cosmic intuition and we should try this month to tune in ourselves. All of us need insight into our planet’s future. Aquarians are stubborn and are resistant to changing their minds, even though they can be erratic and abrupt. They like to express their individuality and they don’t like to be tied down by too many rules and regulations.


While the Sun is in Aquarius, Aries likes to focus its energies on humanitarian concerns and groups. Friends get the nod as well. Taurus should spend this month focused on career issues and getting more recognition for their efforts. It’s interesting that such a materialistic sign is involved with humanitarian concerns in their career sector. Gemini is interested in traveling and higher education during this time, expressing their thoughts in a public way, while Cancer is most concerned with sexual issues, joint resources, and questions about death. It’s time for Leo to focus on relationship issues. While Leo can be so personal and upfront, in relationships they enjoy being more emotionally detached. Virgo will focus on health and work-related issues while Libra will be expending more energy with children, love affairs, and creative projects. Scorpio will focus on the family and home during the Aquarius month. Sagittarius will find itself studying, expanding its knowledge, relating more to neighbors and siblings. It’s the month for Capricorn to be most concerned with its finances while it’s time for Aquarius to take center stage and be more self-expressive. It’s a more reclusive time for Pisces. Spending more time alone and hibernating will help recharge the batteries for the rest of the year.


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