Mercury Retrograde January 5 to January 25

Mercury Retrograde

January 5—January 25

Mercury will be retrograde on January 05. We should put off starting any new projects until after January 25 when Mercury is no longer retrograde. It’s a good time, though, to reevaluate old projects. We should also delay buying appliances or cars because even new items may be lemons and break down. Be prepared for appointments that are cancelled, mail that goes missing, being told wrong information, and people saying things they don’t mean. With Mercury retrograding in Aquarius, we may have more trouble than usual with computers and electronic equipment. When communicating we’ll have to be crystal clear or difficulties are bound to arise. If you travel during this time, make sure your vehicle is in good condition and be willing to adapt to new contingencies along the way.

Aries could have trouble with miscommunications with friends and difficulty getting his or her point across in groups while Taurus could have communication problems with bosses and authority figures.  If going on a long trip, Gemini could have difficulties with airlines and schedules, missing appointments, or having difficulties with school admissions. Cancer could have problems with debts, joint finances, and miscommunication about sexual issues. Leo should guard against communication difficulties with partners.  Virgo may have trouble at work and with co-workers and misinformation regarding health issues.  Libra could have trouble talking with children or loved ones while Scorpio could have communication mishaps in the home and with family members.  Sagittarius needs to guard their tongue with siblings and neighbors and be careful in traffic.  Capricorn can get wrong information about their finances.  Mistakes can be made with paychecks, banks, stock payments.  Aquarius may have some difficulty presenting themselves, while Pisces could have miscommunication through dreams and the subconscious.

On January 8th, Mercury will travel back into Capricorn, which will impact Aries in their career sector. Taurus may have trouble with long distance traveling and school admissions. Geminis might hit snafus with other people’s resources, debts, and miscommunication about sexual issues. Cancers should guard against communication problems with partners. Leos could have communication difficulties with co-workers and about their health. Virgos need to take care in their relationships with children and lovers. Libras could have trouble communicating with family members and with property issues. Scorpios may see some difficulties with siblings and neighbors, short distance trips could end in breakdowns. Sagittarius may find that financial matters don’t go smoothly. Capricorn may make some faux pas’ in introducing themselves. Aquarius will prefer to withdraw and ponder their material insecurities while Pisces may encounter communication mix-ups with friends and in groups.

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