Capricorn December 21–January 20


December 21—January 20


All Capricorns like to be in control and those on the lover level will become dictatorial to maintain it, rationalizing that they know what is best for the group. 

 Capricorn is a community sign and they are interested in what works for a community on the materialistic level. Capricorns are pragmatic and dislike being emotional (because emotions make them feel out of control), although they will sometimes tolerate feelings in others.  Capricorns like organization and they’re ambitious.  They feel guilty if they don’t take responsibility.  Few Capricorns feel comfortable just leading a couch potato life and feel that they must accomplish something important. 

 According to Alan Oken in his book, Soul Centered Astrology, lower level Capricorns, however, have a “total attachment to the physical plane”.  “Life seems like a constant uphill battle and it is.”  These low life Capricorns, like Richard Nixon and Joseph Stalin are motivated by fear.  Oken goes on to say that self-seeking creates further karmic debts, “until the bricks turn into boulders and the Capricorn collapses under the weight.”  Once the ego is torn, a glimmer of light can penetrate the hard packed earth and a ray of light awakens the unconscious heart.  A higher level Capricorn begins to see the spiritual value within the forms of life.  Whereas before Capricorn was just concerned with money and status, now she or he is interested in taking on responsibility so they can help others.  On the highest level Capricorn is able to manifest the Light of the Spirit into the Material World and become the representative on a community level for it.

 January is the best month for getting ourselves organized for the rest of the year.  Starting our exercise programs, dumping possessions that we no longer need, organizing our homes, beginning to actualize our ambitions and learning how to detach ourselves ultimately from a fixation on a material level so we can bring light into our communities are all worthwhile goals.

 With the month of Capricorn, Aries will be focused on its career and relationship to authority while Taurus will be more interested in religion and spiritual perspectives (as long as their pragmatic).  Taurus will also be interested in foreign travel and higher learning.  Gemini will be focused on sex, other people’s resources and feelings, and their attitudes towards death.  Cancer will focus on relationships while Leo will be focused on health and its working environment. Virgo will be enjoying hobbies, lovers, and children as well as creative projects. Libra will be focused in the home and with family members.  It’s a good time for them to do some house renovations.  Scorpio will be interested in siblings, neighbors and do more short distance traveling. For Sagittarius, money and the state of their finances will be important, while Capricorn will be more visible this month, being active and asserting themselves.  Aquarius will be in retreat, trying to gather their energies for their astrological year which begins next month while Pisces is interested in being practical about displaying its compassion and working on a community level.



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