Psychic Vera’s Cosmic Advice November 24

The Moon is in Taurus. It makes a positive aspect to Pluto in the morning. We can get research done and delve into a mystery or two. A positive aspect to Jupiter early evening indicates upbeat enthusiasm. We enjoy cooking, and tactile arts. Moon goes void-of-course until tomorrow at 9:15 AM.

 Mercury conjuncts Saturn this evening and squares Neptune.

Watch out for delusional paranoid thinking.  Don’t let these negative thoughts lead you into a black hole. Too many people in this country are going there and it’s very dangerous, Nazi-Germany dangerous.

 Be mindful of the Saturn square Neptune aspect which peaks on Thanksgiving. It explains the paranoia that the Republicans are mouthing about the Syrian refugees. Carson called them rabid dogs, Huckabee said they were like rotten meat. Saturn is fear and Neptune is delusion. Let’s not succumb to it ourselves. 

 Today the Dalai Lama says: Three factors immediately suggest themselves, which, I think most people will agree. will contribute significantly to human well being namely wealth or prosperity, health and companionship/friendship.

 **In Mayan Astrology it is 5 Manik also known as Deer. Let’s work on being free, independent and secure in relationships.

 Gardening: Moon in Taurus—good for planting.


Remember, being aware of astrological energies means that not only are we in tune with the cosmos, we’re also in tune with ourselves. Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living, and another ancient Greek said, Know thyself. We can convert stressful planetary aspects to harmonious energies if we are aware of how they affect us and we are willing to take responsibility for our actions, without blaming others for our difficulties.


*From Insight from the Dalai Lama Desk Calendar 2015


**I always use How to Practice Mayan Astrology by Scofield and Orr as a reference


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