Sagittarius November 22–December 21

Sagittarians are outgoing and friendly people, full of enthusiasm about almost every one and every thing. They are particularly interested in religion and foreign cultures. They are philosophical, willing to view the bright side of life, unless he or she is an introverted native of that sign.  When a Sagittarius turns inward, the cynical side becomes more pronounced; the bumbling cynic can be the result, ala Woody Allen.

 A low level Sagittarian is impractical, goes to extremes, and is irresponsible and undisciplined.  They don’t want to be pinned down so they have a hard time maintaining relationships.  They are a law onto themselves. Alan Oken in Soul Centered Astrology says, “The urge to increase experience without having a structure or inner truth to guide such expansion leads one into a great diffusion of energy.”  Despite his beautiful voice, the rock singer, Jim Morrison, was a good example of a lower level Sagittarian, along with General George Custer, Brittany Spears.

 According to Oken, a higher level Sag begins to merge with the higher mind and through it, serves humanity.  This higher knowledge merges with Earthly experiences to become wisdom. He or She then becomes a visionary and a prophet.  Even higher side Sagittarians need to learn to control their blunt speech if they don’t want to offend everyone they come into contact with.  A good example of a higher level Sagittarian is Pope Francis, and the wonderful writer, Madeleine L’Engle,

 The month of Sagittarius is generally optimistic and upbeat despite the possible bad weather.  It’s a good time for travel, spending more time in the outdoors and working on educational goals.

 For Aries, Sagittarius is a good time for higher education and travel, associations with foreigners, approaching publishers and publicly expressing your thoughts.  For Taurus, sexual issues, use of other people’s resources and joint resources, working on taxes, contemplating death or getting an inheritance may all come up in late November and December.  Gemini is thinking about partnerships during this time, wondering if they have the ability to commit themselves to any one relationship.  For Cancer it’s time for work related and health issues to come into focus, while Leo likes to rock out and have fun with children in late November and December.  Virgo likes to spend time in the home during the month of Sagittarius and finds that family issues are more important.  Libras may find themselves traveling more and associating more with siblings and neighbors, while Scorpio finds that economic issues come to the surface and need to be dealt with.  This is the time for Sagittarius to shine, to put themselves forward, to be jolly and outgoing while for Capricorn, it’s time to withdraw and to celebrate the Christmas season in a more contemplative manner.  For Aquarius, it’s a good month for group associations, spending more time with friends, concerning themselves with humanitarian concerns.  Pisces will find themselves in the public more and working on their career.


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