Psychic Vera’s Cosmic Advice November 17


The Moon is in Aquarius. There is a positive aspect to Mars early in the morning. It gives us the energy to rise and shine. A positive aspect to Saturn midmorning is the time to conquer tasks we don’t like to do. A positive aspect to Venus early evening means relationships are going well. The Sun conjuncts Mercury today. Communications will be highlighted—either good or bad. When the Moon is in Aquarius we enjoy being with friends and we like joining with community members for group projects.

 Today the Dalai Lama says: In the ever-changing world there are two important things that we should keep in mind. We should examine our own attitude towards others and constantly check ourselves to see whether we’re practicing properly. Before we point fingers at others, we should point it at ourselves. Secondly we must be willing to admit our faults and stand corrected.

 **In Mayan Astrology it is 12 Imix also known as Crocodile. We can start a new business or found a new home.

 Gardening: Moon in Aquarius: Start a community garden.


Remember, being aware of astrological energies means that not only are we in tune with the cosmos, we’re also in tune with ourselves. Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living, and another ancient Greek said, Know thyself. We can convert stressful planetary aspects to harmonious energies if we are aware of how they affect us and we are willing to take responsibility for our actions, without blaming others for our difficulties.


*From Insight from the Dalai Lama Desk Calendar 2015


**I always use How to Practice Mayan Astrology by Scofield and Orr as a reference

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