Psychic Vera’s Cosmic Advice October 25

The Moon is in Aries and we have a lot more energy today than yesterday. Life moves at a much faster pace.  The Moon makes a discordant aspect to Pluto this evening and some people are dictatorial and pushy.

 Venus makes a conjunction to Jupiter and relationships are positive. Art and artists are favored.

 Mercury opposes Uranus.  Some people get very nervous and anxious with this aspect. People can blurt out things they shouldn’t. Some of us can be in tune with the cosmic mind.

*Today the Dalai Lama says:  Empathy is an essential human trait. When we see someone in pain, even a stranger on the street or a victim of natural disaster we see on television or hear about on the radio we have an instinctive response to his or her suffering, And not only that we can experience an instinctive urge, whether we act upon it or not, to do something about it.

 **In Mayan Astrology it’s 2 Etz’Nab also known as Flint or Knife. Let’s let others take the lead today.

 Gardening: Moon in Aries: Plant onions.

 Remember, being aware of astrological energies means that not only are we in tune with the cosmos, we’re also in tune with ourselves. Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living, and another ancient Greek said, Know thyself. We can convert stressful planetary aspects to harmonious energies if we are aware of how they affect us and we are willing to take responsibility for our actions, without blaming others for our difficulties.


*From Insight from the Dalai Lama Desk Calendar 2015


**I always use How to Practice Mayan Astrology by Scofield and Orr as a reference







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