Sun in Scorpio October 23–November 22

It’s often a struggle being a Scorpio. The emotional energy is so intense for good or ill that it can be difficult to cope with. Sexual desire is a major issue for those of us who have Scorpio planets.  Much of life is spent learning how to use this biological drive and physical pleasure constructively.  Scorpio planets can make us feel vindictive when wronged, possessive when threatened, and enraged when thwarted.  That’s the lower level Scorpion who can sting itself and others with its destructive emotions.  Those of us with Scorpio planets will often attract situations that force us to let go of these damaging emotions.  Death and abandonment are issues that will often compel us to transform our personalities and put the light on the dark parts.

We’ve got to move on, however, and become the higher level Eagle that uses what it has learned about transforming the dark side to help others do the same. The task, however, even for the eagle, is to break free of the chains of desire.  The highest level Scorpion, according to Alan Oken in Soul Centered Astrology “bursts forth aflame with inner radiance and abundant healing and magnetic powers.  The unity of the lower and higher selves has been achieved.”  As the phoenix who rises from the ashes of the desires of the personality, the individual is the “embodiment of love winning out over adversity, harmony arising out of unavoidable conflict and the resurrection of the life force through a totally dedicated and Self-conscious human being.”

Scorpio is the time of year for facing the reality of death, for working on psychological and spiritual transformation, for looking into sexual issues, for dealing with joint finances as well as debts and other people’s resources.

The Sun being in Scorpio affects the 12 signs in the following ways:  If you’re an Aries, you are intensely affected by Scorpio because it means that your 8th house of sex and death is being highlighted.  This is the time to face sexual issues or matters of death, and joint resources.  For Taurus, this is the time to work on intense relationship issues as the Scorpio Sun moves through the Seventh House of Relationships. Dealing with possessiveness and jealousy may be a priority. Gemini will be facing intense work issues, particularly with co-workers or health matters will come into focus as the House of Work and Health are highlighted. Cancer will find that relationships with children and lovers are more important. Leo may have intense experiences with family members because Scorpio rules the House of home and family. For Virgo, Scorpio energy is highlighted with siblings, neighbors.  This is usually the time that Virgo likes to express this intense energy with research and writing since Scorpio rules its House of Communications. Libra spends more of its time with money matters and while it’s Scorpio’s turn for putting themselves forward, this may be hard for some Scorpios to do because they are secretive and like to keep a low profile.  Sagittarius has a tendency to withdraw and generally has to face the bogeyman this time of year because Scorpio rules the House of vulnerabilities and isolation. Capricorn is focusing on groups and friendships during this period, while it’s Aquarius’ time to put the focus on career issues. For Pisces this is the time of year for long distance traveling, focusing on higher education and the spiritual life, for publicly expressing your thoughts.

*If you know your rising sign, check out that sign described above as well as your Sun sign.


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