Psychic Vera’s Cosmic Advice October 17

The Moon is in Sagittarius. Our day begins with a square to Mars and Jupiter which means there could be plenty of energy for exercise or we could waste it in an argument. People can be overly critical and blunt. People may go emotionally overboard. A pleasant aspect to Uranus could mean support for trying something new or studying something unusual like astrology. When the Moon is in Sagittarius people are blunt. They like to spend time outdoors looking for adventure.

Today the Dalai Lama says: Inner darkness which we call ignorance is the root of suffering. The more inner light that comes the more darkness will diminish. This is the only way to achieve salvation or nirvana.

*In Mayan Astrology it’s 6 Oc also known as Dog. Let’s work on father-related authority issues.

Gardening: Moon in Sagittarius: Visit botanical gardens.

Remember, being aware of astrological energies means that not only are we in tune with the cosmos, we’re also in tune with ourselves. Socrates said an unexamined life is not worth living, and another ancient Greek said, Know thyself. We can convert stressful planetary aspects to harmonious energies if we are aware of how they affect us and we are willing to take responsibility for our actions, without blaming others for our difficulties.

*I always use How to Practice Mayan Astrology by Scofield and Orr as a reference

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