Chris Harper-Mercer—Mass Murderer in Oregon

Chris Harper Mercer was a Leo* with Sun, Mercury, Mars and the South Node in the Sign. Chris wanted attention (Leo) and he finally got it by killing 9 students at Umpqua community college in Oregon and injuring 9 others. The South Node in Leo means that he shouldn’t take the path of self-aggrandizement in his life but, instead, should take the path of the North Node in Aquarius, which is community service. He failed miserably and instead got the attention he craved through violence (Mars) conjunct his South Node.

It seems that Chris’s massacre had a sexual undertone to it because transiting Venus in Leo(love=attention) was conjunct Mars(sex/anger) in Leo while transiting Mars in Virgo was conjunct natal Venus in Virgo.

Venus(love) in prim Virgo in his natal chart is square Saturn (repression), which means he felt unloved, probably by his mother because Chiron, which is a wound which never heals, is in Cancer the sign of the Mother.  Natal Pluto (the dark side) in Scorpio, the sign of death was in a positive aspect to Chiron, which gave Chris a way out of his mother complex. Transiting Pluto was making and opposition to Chiron and stimulating the death aspect.  Further, the Moon, which represents the Mother among other things, is in Taurus and is possibly square Mars (anger) and the South and North Nodes. The transiting Moon in Taurus was squaring transiting Venus, natal Mars, and South Node Conjunction. It’s a wonder that he didn’t kill his mother first.

Chiron in opposition to Neptune and Saturn in Capricorn means that there were problems with Dad and authority figures too. The opposition between the signs of Capricorn and Cancer (Chiron in Cancer) means that there was a split between his parents and this wasn’t easily healed. This left him very confused because transiting Pluto was stimulating the opposition of Neptune and Chiron.

His lack of compassion mentioned by victims or observers is indicated by his lack of personal planets in water signs. With the majority of planets in Earth Signs he really didn’t have any spiritual life; he was captured by the material plane, which was without hope or mercy.

The transiting Sun in Libra (relationships) was square his natal Saturn in Capricorn. A failure in relationships may have instigated this horrible deed. Bigotry left untreated by parents and teachers, failure to monitor gun purchases (he had 14) by parents and the government, and turning a blind eye to Chris’ mental problems led to this tragedy.

How many more of these analyses will be written before the Republican Congress decides to control gun purchases by maniacs.

* He was born in England but I couldn’t find the town so I used Roseburg, OR, where he committed his grievous assaults.



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