Sun in Libra

September 23rd to October 23rd

Libra is the sign of the balance and its main thrust in life is to deal equitably in human relationships.  It is often considered wishy-washy because it has a hard time making decisions; it is always trying to balance two sides of any question.  Higher level Libras are the best diplomats and ombudsmen because they can always see another person’s perspective, trying to smooth over difficulties in relationships.  Lower level Libras still have a focus on relationships but they can’t seem to get along in one.  They are rarely diplomatic, often acting in a gauche manner.  My higher level Libra friends always seem to cooperate, to think of my needs as well as their own.  They are kind and supportive.  The Lower level Libras I’ve met are rude and are dense about relationships, so much lower in consciousness from the higher level natives.  Lower levels are struggling to make the transition from personal wants and needs to understanding and promoting right Human relations as Alan Oken puts it in his book, Soul Centered Astrology.  According to Oken, Libra’s keyword phrase is Let Choice be Made.  There is a tension in Libra he says of opposing forces needing harmony and balance.  This is the battle between the lower and the higher selves.  It is here that Libra is tested and right judgment and proper use of love are cultivated.

When the Sun is in Libra our focus should be relationships:  How to approach them from a balanced perspective.  How to be fair and equitable.  We can also spend time beautifying our surroundings.

Relationships and marriage will be a primary focus for Aries this month as the sign of the ram can be generally too self-centered and me first.  For Taurus the Libra month is a time to contemplate relationships in the working environment, as well as supporting justice and fairness for fellow employees. Health matters are best solved by seeking balance, with special attention paid to the kidneys. The Libra month is Gemini’s time to relax and have some fun, to pursue hobbies, enjoying time with loved ones and children.  Cancer will be exploring relationships with family members and beautifying their homes. Leo will realize that the give and take in conversation is more interesting than dominating it, and will be making more short distance trips with partners, focusing on relationships with siblings and neighbors.  Virgo will be spending the Libra month exploring their financial situation and coming to an equitable solution for money difficulties with partners.  For Libra this is their time for putting themselves forward, for hogging some of the limelight for themselves instead of always sharing it with someone else.  Scorpio’s hibernation time is during the month of Libra.  They feel more vulnerable, particularly with regards to their relationships and need this month to sort things out.  Sagittarius likes to meet up with friends and participate in groups in late September and into October while Capricorn will be paying more attention to career issues and relationships with authority figures.  Aquarians may be traveling or focusing on higher education while Pisces will be paying more attention to sexual issues in relationships, questions about death and joint resources.

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