Saturn in Sagittarius

September 17, 2015 to December 2017

Saturn in Sagittarius may not be too difficult as Sign placements go but Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo will be learning more lessons then other signs.

In general, there will be lessons via religion and spiritual work. Some of our noses will be to the grindstone in college and other forms of higher education. Long distance travel may be more difficult. Bookstores, publishing houses may face more obstacles. More people may face legal proceedings. Churches may have to close due to lack of parishioners. I am concerned about the Pope who is a Sagittarius and may suffer setbacks for his strong stands on poverty, materialism and capitalism, and hypocrisy.

 Aries may experience a crisis in faith but end up with a straighter spiritual path. Taurus will face obstacles with joint finances, sexual issues. Gemini will learn about relationships. Cancer may have issues with work and their health. Leo may need to work harder in their relationships with children. Virgo has obstacles to face in their home, with family members. Libra needs to be careful in traffic and work on relationships with siblings. Scorpio could have money problems but will have a firmer foundation monetarily after Saturn is finished. Sagittarius should guard their health. Capricorn will be spending more time alone meditating. Aquarius will learn to be more responsible with friends and group associations. Pisces will have to deal with career issues by taking more responsibility.


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