Psychic Vera Figures Out Donald Trump


In her weekly address, Psychic Vera claimed that Donald Trump’s  big mouth makes him a lonely isolate.  “Trump is a low level Gemini who says something, no matter how inane, cruel or ridiculous as soon as he thinks it. This is the trademark of the negative Gemini, who splits people apart instead of bringing them together, like higher side Geminis do. The ruler of his Gemini Sun, she went on to say, is Mercury in Cancer, in a discordant aspect to Neptune. There is effectively no barrier between his conscious and subconscious minds, and no ability to censure indecorous thoughts. Neptune also creates deception and he is under the illusion that he will set the United States right again, fashioned in his own chaotic image. “Donald Trump acts like he’s demented,” Vera said.

His Gemini Sun is in the 10th House of the public, which means he demands attention. This is reinforced by a Leo Rising Sign with Mars in Leo right on the Ascendant. Leo demands attention and can’t live without it, probably to compensate for feelings of inadequacy and feeling unloved. Most likely he longed for the tenderness of mother love with Venus (love) in Cancer (mother) but it’s in conjunction with Saturn(restriction) and he never got what he wanted.

Sometimes truth slips out like when he blasted George W. Bush for sending soldiers to war in Iraq, seeing them come back wounded and then charging them over 100,000 dollars for giving a speech at a charity function. Most of the time, however, the reverse is true. There is no truth in the statement that all Latinos are criminals and rapists and should be kept out of the country. He also more recently said that 9-11 wouldn’t have happened if he was president because he doesn’t like brown people.

“Donald Trump is the fool or court jester of the Republican Party,” Vera said. He should wear a jester’s cap with jingling bells to identify him as such. He is a channel for the thoughts of other Republican candidates who may actually agree with Trump secretly but dare not blurt it out.”

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