Jupiter in Virgo

August 11, 2015—September 2016
Jupiter in Virgo brings quite a change to society’s focus and our consciousness. From this last year’s focus of Jupiter in Leo self-absorption, the emphasis will be placed on the personal benefits of service to our communities. We can make headway on difficult to solve health issues. Paying close attention to details will be important. The self-absorption of a Donald Trump is coming to an end. People will be taking more photos of themselves being of service to others rather than mugging for Leo (me, me, me) oriented selfies. Companies will benefit from health oriented ads while schools will provide more training for doctors and other health professionals. There will be more do-it-yourself manuals and alternative health books published.
Virgos will benefit the most from Jupiter in its sign while Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will also expand.
Aries will benefit with health matters and from solving work related issues. Taurus will expand in relationships with children, creativity. Gemini will benefit with home matters and possibly buying a home. Cancer will enjoy being studious, relationships with neighbors, siblings. They will have more short distance traveling. Leo can improve their financial matters. Virgo will be less introverted, more expansive in the community and their health will improve. It’s time for Libra to spend more time with themselves and in the background. Creative projects and attending to spiritual matters are enjoyable. Scorpio can attract more friends and group associations while Sagittarius will benefit by getting more public exposure and career advancement. Capricorn may enjoy long trips and expanding their education while Aquarius benefits from partners or other people’s money and more sexual opportunities. Pisces will benefit from new partnerships.

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