Mike Huckabee–Another Politico with Repressed Sexuality

This week the media revealed that the co-author of Mike Huckabee’s  two books is being sued for sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl. Last week everyone was up in arms over the Duggar family’s cover-up of their son’s sexual abuse of his younger sisters. Huckabee attempted a lame excuse for the Duggar family sordid fiasco.  This politician has a sexual dark side and it comes out in his association with these two predators. Although his Sun sign is Virgo, which can appear puritanical, he has a massive conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Leo. Venus Mars is a strong sexual aspect and Pluto is obsessive, enjoying dark side sex. His Moon is also in Scorpio, along with Saturn, the repressor of sexual desire. This planetary configuration can mean that sexual repression leaks out by his associations with pedophiles or sexual abusers. Is Huckabee a secret pedophile?  My gut feeling says probably not but why did he raise a son that tortured and killed a dog?

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