Psychic Vera Cosmic Advice Week of May 25

During the next seven days the Moon travels from Virgo to Scorpio.

Virgo Monday and Tuesday are days for working on health issues and work-related issues. Libra Wednesday afternoon and evening, Thursday and Friday we focus on relationships and how to make them more egalitarian. On Scorpio Saturday and Sunday we can work on sexual issues and joint finances.


There are no significant planetary events this week.


In Mayan Astrology* on Thursday, May 21st the 13 day cycle changes to 1 Imix also known as Crocodile.  People struggle for security. Nationalism, children, schools, and families are in the news. Creativity is enhanced during this cycle.


There are no long void-of-course Moon periods.


Good days for planting are Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are good days for planting flowers.

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