Sun in Pisces

Feb 18—Mar 20


Sensitive to everything and everyone but having difficulty differentiating their own feelings from other peoples, Pisces people don’t discriminate and like chameleons, they can absorb personalities, feelings, values, and ideas.  Many are overwhelmed by their feelings and try to blot them out through the use of drugs or alcohol. This makes things worse because their bodies are as sensitive as their minds and intoxicants are poisonous to their systems.  As the last sign of the zodiac lower level Pisceans often have the feeling that they’ve been there, done that and they can’t find anything that engages them.  They are world-weary and can become cynical, thinking nothing is worth the time and effort to make a difference.


Higher-level Pisces are sensitive and compassionate but have learned to channel their overwhelming feelings into helping others. They are self-sacrificing and creative.  They have the rare gift of being more interested in others than they are in themselves.  In this egocentric and selfish society, it is such a relief to know a high level Pisces.


When the Sun is in Pisces it’s time for letting go of things, people, situations, the past to get ready for the astrological New Year which is Spring, when the Sun goes into Aries next month.  Letting go, while necessary, is often not pleasant and that’s one reason Pisces can be a sorrowful sign.  Pisces always seems to be dealing with loss.  Besides letting go of the old to usher in the new, this is a month for creative projects, particularly music, and taking nature walks.  It’s a good month for compassion, as long as we don’t wear other people’s misery like a cloak.


If you’re an Aries you’ll be doing more inner work this month, getting ready for your entrance upon the scene at the Spring Equinox.  While you like to be direct and a go-getter, you subconscious has another idea and plans to initiate now get sabotaged while you might feel spacey and disorganized.  Taurus spends more time with friends and working in groups, humanitarian concerns take up more time and energy.  Gemini finds that career possibilities float to the surface and there’s a longing for more creative outlets in their profession.  Cancer may like to travel during this month or focus on higher education or their spiritual path.

Leo finds that sexual issues and concerns regarding joint resources are more important while Virgo is focused this month on relationships, coming to the realization for the umpteenth time that they’re often attracted to underdogs.

Libra will find that it’s more focused on work and fellow employees.  Health issues may surface or more time is spent on improving their health.  Scorpio will enjoy more time with children and lovers, creativity will be satisfying.  Sagittarius will be focused on the home and family while Capricorn will be taking more short distance trips and consorting with siblings.  Creativity expressed through writing is also an option.  This is the month for Aquarius to spend time on their finances, which are often confusing.  Is a budget possible?

For Pisces, this is the month to come forward and be more direct, to be seen and recognized for the kind and creative soul that you are.


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Jupiter in Leo

July 16 2014—August 12 2015

Jupiter travels into Leo July 16 and remains until August 12, 2015. Leos will benefit the most, followed by Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. With Jupiter in Leo, there will be more benefits from children and child-centered activities. People will pursue activities that glorify the self. Some of that is already happening as symbolized by selfies and focusing on the self on Facebook. Gambling, sports and hobbies and creative projects will be popular.

Aries will benefit from and will enjoy their artistic creations, children, and hobbies while Jupiter is in their Fifth House. Taurus will benefit from their home and any properties they may own. Homes can be expanded through renovation or Taurus may move to a bigger house. Gemini may enjoy connections with neighbors and siblings. There will be more short distance traveling. Communications will be important.  Cancer will benefit financially with Jupiter traveling through their Second House of money and financial management. Leo will be more outgoing and will expand their connections and operations. Watch out, however, for an expanding waistline as well. With Jupiter moving through Virgo’s 12th House, it’s time for the Virgin to spend more time at home and less out in the world. Spiritual pursuits during this time will be beneficial. There will be protection from Higher Powers behind the scenes.

With Jupiter traveling through Libra’s 11th house of friends and groups, this is the year to expand friendships and group associations. Scorpio’s career improves with Jupiter traveling through their 10th house. Changing or moving up in a career are good possibilities. Sagittarius may be doing a lot of traveling, publically expressing their thoughts, or securing a higher education with Jupiter moving through their 9th House. Capricorn will benefit through partner’s resources. Sex will improve. There may be an inheritance with Jupiter in their 8th House. Aquarius will benefit through partners and relationships will improve with Jupiter traveling through their Seventh House. Pisces will find that their working environment and health improves with Jupiter traveling through their 6th House.

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